ProHealth Senior Preferred Provider and Pharmacy Directory

Click here to search for a provider within the ProHealth Senior Preferred network.

The information shown in the searchable Provider Directory is updated daily.

The information shown in the searchable Provider Directory is updated daily.

Please contact our Customer Service Department if you find an error when you are searching the Provider Directory, including when a provider is no longer accepting new patients.

The 2019 Provider Directory lists providers within the Gundersen Senior Preferred provider network.

The 2020 Provider Directory lists one provider network, which means as of January 1, 2020, you can see any participating provider in the entire Senior Preferred network in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois. However, you will need to keep your eligibility in the county service area for the plan you have enrolled. 

To have a hard copy of the Provider / Pharmacy Directory mailed to you, please contact our Customer Service Department.

If you have a health care visit with a provider that is out-of-network, it could result in non-payment of services. This means you would need to pay for your care or services.

Please contact Customer Service if you have other questions or need more information about the professional qualifications, the medical school attended, residency completed or board certification status of the practitioners listed in this directory.

If you would like to have services done at ProHealth Care and need help finding a primary care provider, please call the PHC Physician Referral Line for assistance.

  • PHC Physician Referral Line (262) 928-3000.

This web page was updated November 12, 2019.