Senior Preferred offers a variety of health insurance options for senior citizens in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.

Does this plan meet my health care needs? Does it fit my budget? Senior Preferred (HMO) lists the top five things to think about when picking a Medicare Advantage plan.

With so many Medicare Advantage plan options out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. Senior Preferred’s local experts have been helping people find Medicare coverage for 20 years and can put that knowledge and experience into helping you find the Medicare Advantage plan that’s right for you.


1. Does this plan meet my health care needs?

You should consider how well your Medicare plan meets your lifestyle and health goals. Medicare Advantage plans can offer you more than Original Medicare. From benefits like vision, hearing and dental coverage to extra benefits such as wellness programs, virtual doctor visits and meal delivery after hospitals stays, Senior Preferred Medicare Advantage plans offer you real value for your health insurance dollar.


2. What doctors and specialists can I see?

Switching doctors can be a hassle. If you’ve been with the same doctor for years, you may want to choose a plan that allows you to stay with that doctor. On the other hand, you may want to visit a new doctor and have a larger provider network to choose from. Senior Preferred offers a one-provider network so that all participating providers within the Gundersen Health System, UW Health and SwedishAmerican service areas are covered.


3. Does this plan fit my budget?

Cost can play a large role in choosing a Medicare Advantage plan. You may be concerned about how much you’ll pay in monthly premiums or what your annual out-of-pocket costs will look like. Some Senior Preferred plans are available for only $0/month. Other Senior Preferred plans offer convenient payment options with coupon books, automatic withdrawal from your bank account or automatic withholding from your Social Security check.


4. Can I get Medicare Part D benefits too?

If you take medications regularly, you’ll want those covered. One of the benefits of signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan is that you can get prescription drug coverage. Senior Preferred offers plan options with or without Part D prescription drug coverage to help simplify your benefits.


5. What if I need help reviewing plan options?

When selecting a Medicare Advantage plan, you should never feel alone. Senior Preferred has dedicated local experts who can work with you to determine your needs, compare plans and answer any questions you might have. You may contact your local Senior Preferred expert online, in-person or over the phone. Senior Preferred also provides free, informational seminars where you can learn more about the plan options that are available. 


From costs to health care providers, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a Medicare Advantage plan. The good news is that Senior Preferred can help. Senior Preferred offers more benefits than Original Medicare, access to a large network of doctors and specialists, and experienced local experts. If you would like to learn more about Senior Preferred and find a seminar in your area, call (800) 394-5566 TTY 771 or visit Senior Preferred’s Attend a Seminar page.



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